Fan Video Showdown Entry: Stamford’s Black Knight Nation

With the voting portion complete, we continue with the video competition of the 2nd annual Overtime Fan Showdown.

Each of the nine schools involved are required to make a video of no less than two minutes, displaying their fans showing support at a game.

(Only 5 of the schools are entering in the video competition, and Greenwich has been granted an extension to get its video in on Tuesday; the video and equipment was left in school before the storm.)

Today we reveal the fourth entry, from Stamford’s Black Knight Nation, which won the voting competition and is the current leader. This video offers Black Knight Nation in action during a recent hockey game with city rival Trinity Catholic.

After all the videos displayed, a panel of our sponsors will judge them. The winning school will receive 5 points. Second place is worth 3 points, and third place is good for 1 point. Those totals will be added to the voting portion — Stamford has 5 points, Ridgefield 3 and Norwalk 1 — and we will determine the winner.

The winning school in the Fan Showdown will receive $500 toward its athletic department, with $100 going to the second-place school.

So check out Black Knight Nation in action and be on the lookout for the final video from Greenwich in the days ahead.

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5 Responses

  1. Q2T says:

    The storm set them back, my friend goes to SHS and when transferring the “clips” taken on many cameras weren’t able to reach the official and intended editor due to the snow storm / power outages in northern stamford. I’m not condoning the fact that it was last minute but those are some really harsh comments when SHS is doing a pretty good job this year on and off the field/stadium

  2. Carl says:

    I’m sorry but this video is absolutely terrible. The first comment on here was correct, this was poorly made simply because of the clip where the one student just wasnt even saying anything. And since when does spelling “shs” with dominos have anything to do with a fan competition? No chants either.. After Stamford won the voting by a good margin I was really expecting a much better video in both quality and better chants. Disappointed.

  3. Shut Up says:

    To the jackass that commented earlier: You know what’s disheartening? The turnout to your school’s games.

  4. This is terrible. says:

    This is awful… Half the people are cheering half are just standing there. It’s actually kind of embarrassing to see this. I’m surprised they had the dignity to actually send this in.

  5. The Man says:

    It’s a shame that Stamford is gonna end up losing after winning the voting portion of the contest. This is really bad. Almost disheartening to see a close up on a chant, where the boy closest to the camera has his mouth completely shut.
    No heart.