Fan Video Showdown Entry: Westhill’s The Purple Pack

Westhill's Purple Pack

With the voting portion complete, we continue with the video competition of the 2nd annual Overtime Fan Showdown.

Each of the nine schools involved are required to make a video of no less than two minutes, displaying their fans showing support at a game.

(Several schools are not participating in the video competition, and Greenwich has been granted an extension to get its video in on Tuesday; the video and equipment was left in school before the storm.)

Today we reveal the second entry, from our defending champion, Westhill’s The Purple Pack. This video offers both an overall perspective of the Pack in action and a look at them during a recent basketball game.

After all the videos displayed, a panel of our sponsors will judge them. The winning school will receive 5 points. Second place is worth 3 points, and third place is good for 1 point. Those totals will be added to the voting portion — Stamford has 5 points, Ridgefield 3 and Norwalk 1 — and we will determine the winner.

The winning school in the Fan Showdown will receive $500 toward its athletic department, with $100 going to the second-place school.

So check out The Purple Pack in action and be on the lookout for more videos in the days ahead.

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41 Responses

  1. DBT says:

    While I “bleed” blue now – I will always be WESTHILL AND PROUD! Great school spirit!

  2. Dave Ruden says:

    My mistake for letting that word slip by me. It is gone. Lets keep it nice!

  3. lair guy says:

    Well westhill, calling a whole student body “Trash” because I’m such a “charming” young man is just wrong and not fair. You can’t judge that book by this cover home girl! No need to be so hostile!!

  4. Westhill says:

    Now my question is why is everyone hating on Westhill? I sense jealousy.

    Don’t be upset you can’t be as great as them. And the fact that ridgefield is showing such immature behavior really shows a lot about their character and how they represent their schools student body.

  5. Bill Simmons says:

    Youre a good man. Youve done good

  6. His Dudeness says:

    JS, I agree with you that every school has good and bad people, including whichever school you go to. As for the your rules are rules speech, Dave himself said that the fact that the footage had to be shot at a home game, wasn’t really a rule, he just thought that we would film it at a home game, also he did acknowledge that after initially saying there was a two minute limit, he said in another post that it could be no LESS than two minutes, and that was the last think said about the time limit, so that is what we went by. Now JS, I want to thank you, because the fact that you are so interested in disqualifying our video clearly means that it was very good and you think it happens to be better than yours.

  7. lair guy says:

    Your darn right Gerry, and there is nothing you can do about it because we are a bunch of spoiled brats HAHAHAHAHAHA TROLLS FOR LIFE #vinelyfe

  8. Gerry says:

    Ridgefield trolls two years in the running

  9. Dave Ruden says:

    I emailed the judges today with the links to the videos, let them know some of the things that happened and left it up to them to make the judgment. I will have nothing to do with the judging — I don’t think I should be involved — and I haven’t said anything to the judges that would sway them in any direction.

  10. JS says:

    I’m not trying to bash certain schools, don’t get me wrong, I love Westhill, and may Pete rest in peace. I’m just saying, the rules were written this way, it’s really not fair to the other schools that Westhill get’s to do it “their way” breaking the two main rules. On another note, Westhill has great spirit, a great squad too, we all know that, but don’t act so perfect, when you came to our game (school will go unnamed) you guys flipped us off when you lost, which we have on film. Rules are rules, you broke them, and next competition they’ll be different, but please, don’t cry for forgiveness or say “RIP” for Dave and the judges to feel bad for you guys, the key thing to remember is you’re just like any other highschool team, you’ve got some bad people and some great people, you have some victories, and you have some losses…

  11. Dave Ruden says:

    Interested to see which side has the better turnout for the Westhill-Ridgefield game next week.

  12. Hill says:

    Hey Ridgefield maybe our extra 56 seconds matches up with your java script use on part 1. If we’re going by sheer human power we had the most votes….and the best video.

  13. Dave Ruden says:

    Their equipment got stuck in school with the storm. I’m trying to make this fun for all. An extreme case.

  14. His Dudeness says:

    As for Greenwhich it should be taken into account that they got 2 extra days to do the video…

  15. That guy in the rangers hat says:

    It’s spelled Greenwich, Carl, but thanks for the shoutout anyway, friend. As for Westhill’s video, I’d say just let the judges take into account that the other schools operated under the impression that the videos were supposed to be 2 minutes. Also Greenwich should win. The video is coming. And it is awesome.

  16. lair guy says:

    hey hill and his dudeness, Lair Guy here, and its not that myself or anyone else is “scared and threatend” by your video, i think its more so we just like screwin with ya and getting you annoyed, which we are doing a great job doing as you can tell. such a ridgefield thing isnt it???

    see you on the 20th 😉 ill be in the hot orange cowboy hat xoxo

  17. Carl says:

    I agree with polling the coaches.. I have been to many games at many courts, and some of these fan bases (including Westhill) do not even show up for big games (Westhills senior night last year- only parents were there). The best fan groups are also the ones that travel to away games, i.e. ridgefield traveling to St joes last year, or trinity this year. These fan groups should be the ones that are the sixth man, and polling the coaches is a great idea, considering they know where the toughest places to play are for their players (such as Ridgefield or even Greenwhich). One fan video or fan votes shows only half of this all.. The most powerful fan groups are the ones that help their team win by intimidating the opponent

  18. His Dudeness says:

    I agree with Hill, these comments don’t seem to be in good fun, but what it does show is that the competition is scared and threatened by our video. If you really think your video is the best then you shouldn’t have to worry about ours, it will win anyways. Everyone clearly knows that the pack once again put out the best video.

  19. Dave Ruden says:

    I take full responsibility for the mistake.

  20. Lets be fair says:

    “Each of the nine schools involved are required to make a video of no less than two minutes, displaying their fans showing support at a game.”

    It says that in multiple places. Before reading the comments above, I honestly thought the other schools did not make their videos long enough. The purple pack should not be punished due to the lack of clarity in the rules.

  21. Hill says:

    These shots don’t seem to be fun they seem to be immature comments coming from sweet fans looking for any way to disqualify their worthy opponents. We serve a greater purpose than winning these contests we are out there cheering for our fellow Vikings past and present maybe you should revisit what your purpose is. See you on the 20th. Count your blessings you don’t have to come to our place

  22. Dave Ruden says:

    I’m with you on lets remember ultimately this is all fun, though I think all of the shots being taken have been in a fun way and I appreciate that. And for those who don’t know, Peter Cernansky was the Westhill quarterback last year who tragically died in a skateboarding injury back in September, one week into his freshman year of college.

  23. PP says:

    Alright, relax here people. This is all good and fun, and Westhill is more than a “fan group” they are a family. We are Pete’s Purple Pack, in honor of Westhill Star QB Peter Cernansky. Figures that people want to bring us down. We won last year for a reason, so keep trying to say we went over the time limit or we weren’t at home games.. If you’ve seen us in action you will know what we’re all about. Westhill and Proud.

  24. Dave Ruden says:

    I will give judges fair instructions and I have no doubt they will do a good job. I am also making two changes next year. 1. Videos can be up to 5 minutes. If a school wants to get that creative and spend the time, so be it. I kept it at two originally thinking more schools would be involved. 2. I am going to poll all league coaches at the beginning of the contest and ask them to rate the three toughest schools to play based on the fans. Points will be earned for that. This is just the second year of doing this. I really love this contest and those involved seem to as well. It is also a work in progress to perfect it just right, which is my goal.

  25. MS says:

    Dave- Now in the love of competition there must be the following of rules. You set these rules. Rules can’t be broken. I’m not saying DQ Westhill (Although every school believes it should be done) but despite how good their video is they broke the rules in 2 HUGE ways. One being over the time limit, which with another minute, any of the schools could have had a much cooler video AS WELL their footage wasn’t from a “home game” because the competition was originally designed to show a place where a school play’s “home” and makes their cheering seem formidable to the visitors. Please understand Dave, rules are not meant to be broken, and Westhill this year unfortunately has.

  26. Dave Ruden says:

    Videos can be shot anywhere — I just assumed teams would use home games. As for the time limit, they did go over. I also phrased it wrong on subsequent rules. I will pass all this information on to those judging for them to rule however they feel is right.

  27. rhs tiger says:

    Westhill is in violation of rule #5 twice, as not only are they over the time limit, but also they failed to only have home game footage.
    The entire video is in the SHS gym, or boyle stadium

  28. fciacfan1 says:

    couldn’t understand a word they said. terrible video

  29. Dave Ruden says:

    You got me there. That’s my mistake. It should have read no more than. I will make sure judges know the deal and keep everything in context.

  30. dwbi says:

    “Each of the nine schools involved are required to make a video of no less than two minutes, displaying their fans showing support at a game.” It says “no less than two minutes..” Doesn’t say the video couldn’t exceed the 2 minute mark..

  31. Sanchez says:

    Very clear what they were saying, very loud, just an all around terrible video

  32. anonymous says:


  33. tiger mayne says:

    Can’t even understand what they’re saying half the time.

  34. Dave Ruden says:

    Next year I am going to extend limit a little bit and schools will have the option of how much time to use. Westhill did a nice job of isolating a single game but also putting the Purple Pack in perspective. Think all schools need more time if they want to do the same.

  35. lair guy says:

    i understand, hopefully the judges see the light and do the right thing

  36. Dave Ruden says:

    I agree with you and that is the way I am leaning. I really want nothing to do with deciding the winner. I don’t think it is fair. I am letting three of my sponsors judge.

  37. lair guy says:

    well that wouldnt be fair to the rest of us if they get an extra minute of showing their stuff… the lair had much more we couldve put in it.. i think its only fair the last 56 seconds of their video arent included in judging

  38. Dave Ruden says:

    There is an issue with the Westhill video exceeding the limit. I am leaving it up to the judges. Don’t think it is fair to just exclude them with all the work put in. Also, this is just the second year of holding this contest. I am still working on fine-tuning it to make it as fair and as much fun as possible.

  39. fciac says:

    love that 2 minute video limit!

  40. lair guy says:

    fan how can you love this one but say Joes and RHS are just “cheering”.. isnt the pack really just cheering too? everyone is just cheering, its the name of the game big man

  41. fan says:

    love it! They really are back, this shows the fans having fun and what the purple pack is made of