Poll: Who is the FCIAC boys basketball MVP?

Trinity Catholic's Schadrac Casimir

With the regular season 80 percent over, it is not too early to ask an interesting question: who has been the most valuable boys basketball player in the FCIAC this season?

For me, judging an MVP comes down to one specific criterion: which team would be affected most adversely if you removed that player? Or, from the glass-half-full school, which player most positively impacts his team.

With that, my list comes down to five players: Schadrac Casimir of Trinity Catholic, Quincy McKnight of St. Joseph, Kurt Steidl of Ridgefield, Peter Rankowitz of Staples and Jeremiah Livingston of Westhill.

Casimir is the FCIAC’s leading scorer. McKnight is arguably the most versatile player. Stiedl and Rankowitz are players most teams feel, if shut down, give them a great chance at victory. And though Westhill is more of an ensemble, it is not tied for the top seed without the play of Livingston.

As for the other top teams — Bridgeport Central, Norwalk and Wilton — they rely more on collective efforts and are more likely to have a different player lead the way on a given night.

So which player do you think is the MVP? We will give you until noon on Friday to vote. And if you think my list of five is incomplete, vote in the “Other” category and write in a comment with who and why.

So lets see who the readers think is the boys basketball MVP so far this season.

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45 Responses

  1. Jayz says:

    Casimir for sure and my kid goes to sj. McKnight has the most talent and athleticism but Shad is just a great player. Quincy also has a hard time controlling his emotions which has caused SJ a lot of issues this year Including the game tonight though that black haired ref is a complete joke and shouldn’t be retting old man Rec games. He totally screwed SJ . That said , Quincy can’t put himself in that spot. Just watch Shad play. He is unflappable. Steidl is # 3 for a couple reasons. Ridge field just isn’t as good as SJ or TC being the biggest reason. Steidl is so sound and does everything well but I don’t think he dominates like shad or Quincy. He also has some help as Lacy can play and in fact he is better than SJ second best player who is Pellitier. Ancrum is just so nice he has to be top 5 . I would say Shad has the best complements in wheeler and Fraser . Fraser is dynamic. I would say SJ or central is the deepest

  2. FCIAC FAN 09 says:

    Danyjoel Harris of danbury high school

  3. lips says:

    Danyjoel Harris dANBURY

  4. pj says:

    Danyjoel Harris of Danbury. No one can stop him

  5. fan07 says:

    casmir is legit and will win mvp but has anyone seen turner from trumbull yet the freshmen he will be good for years to come

  6. manny says:

    Lol u ain’t never lie

  7. SB says:

    CASIMIR!!! CASIMIR!!!! CASIMIR!!!! CASIMIR!!! CASIMIR!!! CASIMIR!!! CASIMIR!!! CASIMIR!!! CASIMIR!!!! CASIMIR!!!! CASIMIR!!! CASIMIR!!! CASIMIR!!! CASIMIR!!! ….shout out to all them ballers working hard out there.. but CASIMIR is the NUMBER #1 VOTE.


  8. john says:

    It baffles me how people are arguing for anybody besides Casimir, McKnight, or Steidl. Hands down three best players in the FCIAC.

  9. FCIAC says:

    simply doesnt make sense to have steidl at the bottom. If this is about mvp it has to be casimir because of the way they dominated ridgefield. But steidl should have the 2 spot this poll is a joke having him last…

  10. tony says:

    Warrior fan- If you had all these kids in a draft who gets first pick? Casimir, McKnight, Steidl go 1,2,3…who is 4 &5?

  11. daniel r says:

    Who cares if he struggled lastnight we are talking about mvp were talking about the whole year

  12. daniel r says:

    Casimir is passed 1000 lol

  13. Rick says:

    to the man saying steidl dominates… he did terrible against trinity and casmir dropped 50 against greenwich and your telling me he doesnt dominate?

  14. fan says:


  15. Warrior Fan says:

    I’ve now seen all these players play this year. Steidl is the only one who dominated a game. Casimir struggled last night, as noted by two commenters already, because of the man to man defense. He scored when they went to a zone. Casimir is a great ballplayer. The TC trio all work well together, very disciplined and play team ball. Hard to pick one over the other two as their contributions are linked. Rankowitz can hit an open 3 but is not the defender or ball handler of others. He plays hard. Quincy has the most talent but clearly gave up early in the game vs Wilton. Kane and Livingston are outstanding sophomores but not top 5 FCIAC players yet. Dear would not be close to top 5 in my view. Not over Wilton’s Wilbur and Houska, Staples Frusciante and Central’s Ancrum. Those are all better than Dear and I think Dear is a very good player.

  16. Dave Ruden says:

    He was very close. You also have Dear there. Close call.

  17. tony says:

    Doesn’t Kane lead Norwalk in points, rebounds, assists and blocks? Would he have been the 6th choice? Kind of hard to imagine where Norwalk would be without him. It seems like he gets at least 15, 15, and 5 blocks every night. The other players on this list are all very good but if I had to pick I’d say Casimir, then McKnight, then all the others.

  18. Tony says:

    This young man is a class act…and no one works harder.

  19. fin says:

    Casimirs arent from stamford though?

  20. charles says:

    He struggled but casimir still ended with 21 no disrespect but without casimir the other players wouldnt score the way they do lets be honest

  21. john says:

    people dont get that tremain frasier and brandon wheeler are two of the states best scorers and rebounders as well. Shadrach has had a great season but everyone here is saying without him trinity wouldn’t be good Take tonight for example. when Shadrach struggled a little in the first tremain and brandon picked him up and that is why Trinity won against Wilton. Not just cause of shadrach but because this Trinity catholic High School basketball team is a forced to be reckoned with and thats how they do it. As a team, not just behind their MVP. WHat would KD be without westbrook or blake griffan without Chris Paul throwing ally opps to themselves?! This team is not just Shadrach but bo he deserves this award.

  22. Rick says:

    to the guy that said trinity recruits casmir (their best player) is from stamford

  23. charles says:

    Casimir obvioisly is thsre even a comparassion

  24. dan says:

    Just look at stats youll see casimir is mvp

  25. joel Gabriel says:

    Schadrac Casimir is the best,whitout him no trinity. He deserves this award.

  26. john says:

    Not john we can recruit but it is also money and a catholic education. Trinity has a higher graduation percentage then many schools. Just cause we can recruit doesnt mean much! we have 400 kids so clearly you misinterprated my point it was the voting system might be screwed up because some would just vote for thir school player. But not the case here shadrac has a good lead

  27. camron says:

    Casimir is the only player getting box and ones out of all these people.

  28. not john says:

    Trinity recruits players, John, as does St. Joesphs. School population does not matter. Give it to Kurt Steidl, without him the Tigers would be .500

  29. john says:

    casmir all the way, mcknight has a cast around him shadrach allo leads his team in assists and is very small. being the leading scorer at 5″8 and a senior is what makes him deservant of this award. I woulnt be suprised if he doesnt win though trinity is a 400 kid school with many non-intersted in this. Staples shouldn’t be winning this at all if it weren’t for school population!

  30. john says:

    Casimir is not the pest point guard the state has ever seen. I think that McKnight deserves this award.

  31. KnowItAll says:


  32. manny says:

    Casimir is arguably the best point gaurd this state has ever seen no one can stay in front of him and he is forced to be the leading scorer and does it with high percentage shots if their giving MVP’s its for him

  33. nick cap says:

    Casmir desrves it he works the hardest and clearly is the point scorer at the end of the day..

  34. camron says:

    Lets look at numbers casimir clearly

  35. FAN07 says:


  36. lair guy says:


    ….Even though casmir lit us up for about 20 billion points

  37. zoe says:

    Casimir all the way…

  38. Trick Daddy says:

    hager your cool courageous and creative. As for who I think deserves the crown, simply by the numbers, I gotta go with Victron

  39. fan07 says:


  40. hager says:

    “alex mcmurray”- says no one ever

  41. ray dacosta says:


  42. Faaaan says:

    Quincy. Quincy. Quincy. Quincy. Its close. But Quincy deserves it.

  43. player in the fciac says:

    Rankowitz is a good player but should not be getting that many votes steidl should be higher and caismir should win this no matter what if he was 3 inches taller high D1 looks

  44. fciac fan says:

    Trinity without Casimir wouldn’t be a .500 team .He carries them on his back.His performance against Greenwhich was one the most remarkable efforts in the storied Trinity program.

  45. Jon says:

    no Alex Addessi this year?