Fan Video Showdown Entry: Greenwich’s Cardinal Crazies

With the voting portion complete, we continue with the video competition of the 2nd annual Overtime Fan Showdown.

Each of the nine schools involved are required to make a video of no less than two minutes, displaying their fans showing support at a game.

(Only 5 of the schools are entering in the video competition.)

Today we reveal the fifth and final entry, from Greenwich’s Cardinal Craizes, a newcomer to our competition. This video is the first ever that shows a fan base at a wrestling match.

A panel of our sponsors will now judge all of the videos. The winning school will receive 5 points. Second place is worth 3 points, and third place is good for 1 point. Those totals will be added to the voting portion — Stamford has 5 points, Ridgefield 3 and Norwalk 1 — and we will determine the winner.

The winning school in the Fan Showdown will receive $500 toward its athletic department, with $100 going to the second-place school.

So check out the Cardinal Crazies in action.

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5 Responses

  1. Dave Ruden says:

    On subsequent posts I mistakenly wrote no less than 2 minutes.

  2. jillian says:

    After watching this video I’ve decided that they HAVE to be just joking. I’m sure they didn’t ACTUALLY mean to send this in. Probably just a simple mistake… Maybe they’ll turn in a real video next year ?

  3. CheatersNeverProsper says:

    Poor Phrasing???

    5. Like last year, each team will submit a video of no longer than two minutes showing your fans in action at a home game of your choosing.

    I think that was pretty clear…

    I think they ought to be able to follow directions by the time they get to High School….

  4. Dave Ruden says:

    Judges have been given instructions on everything for them to weigh. I know them all, they will do a fair job. They know two entries were over the time limit — and it is my fault for poor phrasing — and they have been told to factor that in however they see fit.

  5. Sanchez says:

    Wow I like the enticement of the two minute video rule