Poll? Do you prefer the state football championships at The Rent or CCSU?

The news on Wednesday that the CIAC has decided to move its four state championship games from Rentschler Field to Central Connecticut State University has roused a lot of discussion, perhaps more so by the state coaches themselves.

No doubt the overriding reason for the move was cost-cutting, which is not a concern for the average fan. Two other factors to be weighed: The Rent looks empty with 5,000 fans. At Arute Field, it will be a high school version of the Super Bowl.

Then there are weather and field conditions. The Rent is usually beat up from the UConn football season, and by the fourth game the field is chewed up. And that has been with favorable weather. Arute Field has an artificial surface.

Some feel players prefer the excitement of playing at a facility like The Rent. Others say a magnetic atmosphere before a packed house is more important.

What do you think? The poll is simple: The Rent or Arute Field at Central? You can vote until Monday at noon.

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