Announcing the Bobby Vs-Overtime Spring Fling contest

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Spring flings are a little crazy and bring together students from across the country. In trying to come up with a new contest to go with the ones we hold in the fall and winter, we decided to come up with our own unique version that is a little wild, different and will bring together spring athletes from throughout the FCIAC.

With the generosity of former Red Sox, Mets and Rangers manager Bobby Valentine, we are introducing the first annual Bobby Vs-Overtime Spring Fling contest. The prize: the winner will win dinner along with 10 friends at Stamford’s Bobby Vs Sports Restaurant.

This contest will not be about honoring the best athlete, but just having some fun.

Here is how it will work. I will randomly pick one spring athlete from each FCIAC school that is following me on Twitter. Assuming we get entries from each school, there will be 19 finalists. We will then set up a vote on my blog. The first person to 10,000 votes wins.

If 10,000 sounds like a lot, we are going to make it much easier for you: we will have multiple unannounced open voting periods, so you will have to be on the alert. The periods, to be fair, will not be during school hours, nor held late at night. Based on previous contests we have held in a similar manner, the open periods generate thousands of votes. It likely will take just four to five days.

How do you enter? First, if you don’t already, for networking reasons you need to follow me on Twitter by clicking on this link.

Next, you will need to email me at, a special email address I have set up for the contest. Please send me your name, your school, your sport, your coach and your Twitter handle. The deadline to enter is Sunday at 7 p.m. I will then pick the finalists, contact them and set up the vote the following week.

It is a little bit of a crazy contest but it is meant solely to have fun and win a nice prize.

So get your nominations in and be prepared to do a little networking to be the winner of the first annual Bobby Vs-Overtime Spring Fling.

(I invite you to follow me on Twitter: @DaveRuden and like the Overtime Facebook fan page.)