10 contestants in the Bobby Vs-Overtime Spring Fling contest

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We have a roster of 10 FCIAC spring athletes as finalists for the first annual Bobby Vs-Overtime Spring Fling contest, which will start Sunday night.

Thanks to former Red Sox, Mets and Rangers manager Bobby Valentine and his partners, the winner will receive dinner along with 10 friends at Stamford’s Bobby Vs Sports Restaurant.

The contestants were chosen from entries submitted by spring athletes at league schools. In the instances when more than one person applied from a school, the finalist was randomly chosen.

Here are the 10 people who will be competing:

Danbury – Whitney Dyer

Fairfield Ludlowe – Colleen Fitzpatrick

Fairfield Warde – Dan Cetta

New Canaan – Casey Ouellette

Ridgefield – Colleen Gruendel

St. Joseph – Tori Ceballos

Stamford – Claire Kaptinski

Staples – Stephen Colodny

Trumbull – Casey Mack

Westhill – Morgan Kurtz

Spring Flings are a little crazy and bring together students from many schools, and that is certainly the case for this contest. Here is how it will work: There will be a straight vote here on the blog starting Sunday night. The first person to 10,000 votes wins. It is that simple.

If 10,000 sounds like a lot, we are going to make it much easier: we will have multiple unannounced open voting periods, so everyone will have to be on the alert. The periods, to make everything fair, will not be during school hours, nor held late at night. Based on previous contests we have held in a similar manner, the open periods generate thousands of votes. It likely will take just a few days.

It is a little bit of a crazy contest but it is meant solely to have fun and award a nice prize.

So check back Sunday night and be prepared to support your favorite finalist as the voting begins to decide the winner of the first annual Bobby Vs-Overtime Spring Fling.

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