First Knight: Expect The Unexpected

(This is the latest in a series of entries by guest bloggers throughout the high school spring sports season. Fred Kelley was an assistant for Stamford High’s baseball team the last 20 years. Now, with the retirement of Bobby Augustyn, Kelley has taken over one of the city’s most storied programs. Kelley will share the ups and downs of being a first-year coach.)

By Fred Kelley

I have made so many new observations by sitting in the seat of a head coach for the first time. Some things are unchanging, and of course that refers to the great national past time, baseball.

The beauty of baseball is its unpredictability. The ace pitches on any given team, and the coach pencils in a win before the game is even played. Eight of the top pitchers in the FCIAC have been beaten already this year.

Teams that should win 90 percent of their games don’t, and teams with inexperience and no highly touted names win. As the playoff picture looms on the horizon, excitement permeates every contender.

The bottom line is you still have to play each game and anything can happen because nothing is preordained, especially in the competitive FCIAC. Remember the Rays of 2008.

Another observation is that being at the helm of any baseball program does not just relate to the varsity. If a freshmen game is cancelled or a junior varsity contest is not rescheduled, a good head coach must hear the ire of parents.

After all the games are for the players, and if they are cheated out of one because of inclement weather, it behooves me and others in charge to reschedule, but sometimes it is fiscally impossible in today’s economic climate. Parents and players, I do realize how important those games are for you as well as me.

Baseball fans, enjoy the next three weeks because it will be exciting as the countdown to the county and state playoffs wind down.