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Bohemian Rhapsody


Getting her groove on, at Theory.

I was thrilled to see Susan Sutherland (nee Berry) recently perusing Theory’s new Westport store. Not just because her pretty, bohemian style heralds the coming of spring, nor due to her genuine delight at being photographed for this blog.

It was the fact she wasn’t wearing skinny jeans. I have been completely over that particular too-tight style since winter (they do look great paired with a chunky cashmere sweater and knee-high boots, but that’s for another season). As a full-grown woman, a skinny jean is a bit on par with a jegging for me–kinda cute but a bit off-key.

Susan’s straight leg, cuffed and faded denim is exactly in tune with what I want to buy now. Although Susan grew up in Westport, she marveled, “I can’t believe how cosmopolitan it’s become compared to twenty years ago–there are so many fun choices I can’t even decide which restaurant to go to!” Whichever fabulous spot Susan picked (anyone for The Whelk?), StreetCHIC thinks she’s off to an upbeat start!

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