Minis and Mansions

And behind door number 148 we have...your dream home!

Coldwell Banker realtor Elizabeth Tardif wears a lot of hats while on the job–she spent the morning showcasing houses to out-of-towners, negotiating contracts and cheering on current sellers. It took my husband and I two years of diligently trudging to Westport from the city, while searching for our dream home with fellow Coldwell employee Evi Coughlan. Evi’s patience was to be commended–and we did finally find the perfect spot to raise our children (I needed a kitchen where I could envision baking brownies!)

What’s Elizabeth’s secret to looking chic under stress? A pop of color against a hardworking turtleneck and tights in neutral black. And her message to prospective clients? “It’s a great time to buy, and anything can sell if the price is right.”

Game on, Westporters!

1960's fashion icons working the mini.

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