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Monthly Archive for January, 2011

: January, 2011

Winter storylines

The month of January is almost done, which means that we’re hitting the home stretch of events for the winter season. There have been a number of storylines that have availed themselves thus far this year, and I think those are worth exploring. So without further ado, the list of storylines for Fairfield varsity sports.
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Pats/Jets thoughts

I know that I’m simply a community sports editor, but I’m sure that the Fairfield community was heavily invested in the Patriots vs. Jets game yesterday in Foxborough. I know my friends (who are all either Pats or Jets fans) were, and me being a Giants fan, and a naturally neutral observer, developed some thoughts.
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The best athlete in Fairfield history

I know that I’ve fallen off of the horse as far as this space is concerned. But I’ve come up with (what I think) is a pretty pertinent topic for a blog. Who, in your opinion,┬áis the best athlete in Fairfield town history? It could be an athlete who is from Fairfield (James Blake or
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