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Monthly Archive for February, 2010

: February, 2010

Laundry Room : College Targeted Marketing

I snapped this photo in the laundry room. It looks like the pictured clothing belongs to a very enthusiastic UConn fan. Everything down to the blue flip flops just barley in view represent some
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Census 2010 : What It Means For College Towns and The Country In General

Above: Census ad that asks “should we count the cows?” Very appropriate for Storrs which has a sizeable livestock population. I attended a workshop with one of my fellow DC’ers on understanding the
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West Building Construction Seems To Be Moving Along

I snapped this photo as I walked by the construction site for the new West Building, the 42-million-dollar replacement for Arjona. I remember attending the press conference for the official

It’s 83 and Sunny…In Aruba

I’m not writing from any Carribean Island. I’m still in Storrs. But a sign that I saw outside a travel agency by campus made me want to be relaxing in a warmer climate. While it may be 83 and sunny in

Running Through Storrs, Redux

I ran around campus for the first time this semester. That statement does not include running to class — I’m just talking about running for exercise here. The campus and I have changed the last time
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And…It’s Official: Kid Cudi Is Coming To UConn

At the Girl Talk concert tonight, SUBOG announced that Kid Cudi will perform at the Spring Weekend concert. However, there is apparently a lottery for tickets. I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to
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Girl Talk = Massive Dance Party

Despite the fact that Girl Talk’s multimedia show emphasizes the phrase “i’m not a dj”, he runs a massive dance party. Tonight my floor secured “reserved seats” at Jorgensen. Only the seats were not
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John Oliver Takes On UConn, Basketball, Puppetry

It’s Winter Weekend. That means that the university brings in notable performers to entertain the student body. Tonight, John Oliver did some stand-up comedy at Jorgensen. I particularly enjoyed how
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UConn’s Snow Day Legend

Above: WANE/Channel 15’s YouTube Video of an epic snowball fight in D.C. In contrast to the one snow day that I have had at UConn, my friends at D.C. colleges have had as many as four snow days!
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