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The Future of Spring Weekend?

Two Facebook groups that I recently stumbuled upon discuss the future of Spring Weekend. One group, “UConn Executitve Plan to end Spring Weekend!!!”, ┬ádetails suggestions made by the Student Life Committee in Feb. to curtail certain elements of the infamous event. Some of the ┬ácommittee’s recomendations, according to the fb group and the summary, include: […] [Read More]

Spring Weekend From A Froshie Prospective

I couldn’t call this a UConn blog without mentioning Spring Weekend. It’s big news. In fact, the Huffington Post picked up The Daily Campus‘ coverage of Thursday night at Carriage. To get a better idea of what this time of celebration is really about — hint hint lots of drinking — check out the Hartford […] [Read More]

GHS Band Gets Extended Vacation In Greece?

Hearing about the adventures of the GHS Band in Greece reminded me of some happy memories of the band’s China trip. It was probably one of my most memorable experiences of high school. After we had played on the Great Wall of China, I remember telling a freelance journalist, who was traveling with us for […] [Read More]

The Dorm Fire Alarm Goes Off At The Best Of Times

Today is Open House at UConn. Many new students and families are walking around campus. Some were getting tours of select rooms in my dorm when the dorm was evacuated due to a fire alarm. Ironically, one of my friends who was giving a tour was asked about safety on campus earlier in the day. […] [Read More]
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USG Election Results

According to Facebook, incumbents Tom Haggerty and Donald Clive Richards, have been re-elected to President and V.P. positions respectively. Brien T. Buckman, won the election for USG Comptroller, also according to Facebook. [Read More]

Pre Spring Weekend MP3 Featues UConn Celebs

I don’t remember exactly where I found it but some UConn celebs — members of USG and the media — were featured in an mp3 about Spring Weekend. The roster includes UCTV star Joey Homza, USG President Thomas Haggerty “T. Hagz”, Student Body V.P. Lia Albini and Krizman. It was produced by “DJ Rico.” Here’s […] [Read More]

USG Giving Out Free Swag

The USG is giving out free t-shirts and headbands on Fairfield Way right now, if you can prove that you voted in their online elections. My best advice is to go into the library and print our your proof of voting as the line to the CUE computer lab is incredibly long. I also wonder […] [Read More]

Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Goes Woodwind

One of the awesome parts of the college experiences are the sounds. If you walk down any dorm hallway during the waking hours, chances are that you’ll hear someone blasting a cool mashup, remix or a top 40 song. Here is a YouTube video of one that I recently heard while walking the hall outside […] [Read More]