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UConn McMahon rally ends due to ‘skirmish’

When I first heard that U.S. Sen. candidate Linda McMahon was coming to campus, I knew it would be news. But I didn’t imagine that it would be newsworthy for this reason:

STORRS, Conn. (AP) — A rally at the University of Connecticut for Senate candidate Linda McMahon ended abruptly when students got involved in a skirmish.

The Republican candidate was visiting the campus in Storrs on Monday.

Several students from a domestic violence awareness group were in attendance. A 24-year-old student says a McMahon supporter tore down the sign he was holding that accused McMahon of profiting from violence against women – a reference to McMahon’s role as a World Wrestling Entertainment executive.

Sound off: Were you there? What did you see happen? Post a comment about your experience. They can be anonymous.

Update: For a play-by-play of what happened, check out tomorrow’s Daily Campus.

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Jay Polansky

5 Responses

  1. patrick says:

    All of those comments are bs I was standing right there…….actually I handed the sign to the guy who had it ripped from his hands, because this old man and the “victim” kept shoving me out of the circle and lets just say I’m a lot smaller then that girl. She is not a victim of anything other then being a republican.

  2. TruthInGovernment says:

    What actually happened was a person was there with a sign against women..then someone tore the sign ..then one of the protesters..a male in the group aganst Violence Against Women pushed a woman…I guess he’s just against violence towards women..when it’s someone else..but it’s ok for doesn’t get any better than this…Democratic hypocrisy.With what the Dems have been doing lately..I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole thing was staged…

  3. TruthInGovernment says:

    What I think is funny is that yes the guy took the sign..yet it was the person that was part of the group against violence against women that actually pushed the woman…typical hypocrisy of the Democratic Progressives…Against vilence against women unless of course it’s them…

  4. Dave Moore says:

    This is says a lot about what kind of person Linda McMahon and her supporters are. SHAME on Jodi Rell for endorsing this lowlife. I am glad that I didn’t vote for Rell.

  5. Doc Moebius says:

    We arrived early to beat the crowd, which was not that significant – maybe 2-300 people?
    What happened was some guy who drank too much asshole juice, decided to compensate for his insecurity by getting violent. That pretty much sums up the difference between the Dems and the Republicans:

    Dems care about others; those of less means, those of less ability, of less birthright; they care for animals and believe life in society is a cooperative event that has the idealism of knowledge (truth) at its core.

    Repugs care only about themselves, and they’ll take whatever they can, damn the rule book! They are generally vain and selfish egotists who think if you haven’t achieved material wealth, it’s your fault and there is something wrong with you.

    Seems pretty clear to me which side is right. The question is, since the *cough* “Right” (really, they should be called “the Wrong party”) is a party that serves itself by fighting for less taxes for corporations & the wealthy, they would be an easy target. And that’s the problem with the Dems – no balls to fight a good fight. That’s how this crazy Tea Party got started – they sold the idea of conservative idealism without corruption, to the very obvious folks on either side who seek the same common sense approach. But then Palin joined, and then the granola (fruits, nuts and flakes) joined the cause, so now, instead of a viable third party, we just have another fanatical extremist breeding ground.

    Our country is so effed-up, and then you through in science deny-ers and folks who want to restrict knowledge and educational opportunities – how does any sane person go along with that? Tells you alot about this place. Smoke, if you got ’em!