Moving on … but not far

Just a quick note for those of you kind enough to check this blog who might be wondering what’s up with the inactivity, particularly with the new 2013 legislative session starting in Hartford Jan. 9.

Barack for appointed school board in Bridgeport, Michelle against…

… according to the mailers I’ve received from proponents/opponents of Bridgeport’s key charter revision question on tomorrow’s ballot. Here’s an ad featuring a beaming President beside Bridgeport

Murphy’s answer to McMahon’s Obama ads? Get the Prez himself.

Linda McMahon, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, upset some in her party last month when she launched a new television advertisement urging supporters of Democratic President Barack Obama to

NBC Anchor Brian Williams on flood of McMahon ads during Sandy

The rain and wind from Hurricane Sandy were blowing outside in recent days while households were experiencing a flood of campaign advertising inside. Connecticut households with power before, during

Malloy praises Obama, federal emergency response during Stamford stop

On his tour of hurricane-damaged areas of the state, Gov. Dannel Malloy stopped this afternoon in his old neighborhood of Shippan Ave. in Stamford. He was met by a group of print, television and radio

Push poll trying to tie Murphy to Hurricane Sandy?

Got a call today from “Lisa” of Stonington, who did not want her last name published. She said that around 2:30 Sunday afternoon, as her family was preparing for Hurricane Sandy, she received a call

As Sandy hits, Murphy up 6 in new Rasmussen poll

Hurricane Sandy has obviously shaken up the final full week of the 2012 campaign season. You can’t pay attention to the news today without reading or hearing or watching some story about the impact on

Campaigning after Sandy

Asked whether he will be adjusting his strategy during this final full week of the 2012 campaign because of Hurricane Sandy, Chris Murphy said he is focused on the safety of his constituents. “I’m