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: February, 2009

Remember kids, adopting a deficit clock is a big responsibility

One of my favorite past times at the capitol recently has been watching the legislature’s Republican-minority wheel around the televised deficit clock they unveiled in early January. Most of the time

Rell parachutes into Stamford, steals plans, rescues hostages

If Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell were any stealthier about this afternoon’s visit to Stamford, she would have been dressed in black, her face smudged with black paint, with night vision goggles over

Bob Duff, attorney at law

Sen. Bob Duff, D-Norwalk, joined Rep. Terry Backer, D-Stratford, this morning along the banks of the Norwalk Harbor to decry new fees being imposed on the state’s shellfishermen by the Department of

What fewer reporters means

By now the news of the layoffs at The Hartford Courant has begun to circulate. Having more reporters covering the capitol makes us all better. We all don’t write the same stories and a piece by one

Ash Wednesday at the capitol

It’s a tradition to have a priest on hand when legislative business occurs on Ash Wednesday so lawmakers, their staff, lobbyists and anyone else can have their foreheads blessed. So a lot of folks are

The Rochambeau Project

So on the Democrats’ list that I discussed in the previous post, there’s something called “Rochambeau Project.” And after a few seconds on the Internet it appears the “Rochambeau Project” is this. But

Democrats hunting for spare change

It seems like every other day some news program or talk show has an “expert” on discussing ways households can cut back on their costs during the recession. And inevitably the advice is always stuff

Deputy Commissioners likely to keep jobs for now

A few weeks ago as part of their 2008-09 deficit mitigation proposal, legislative Republicans recommended eliminating the various deputy commissioners working in state agencies to save an estimated

How hard is it to actually get together and talk?

Sometimes being a reporter is akin to finding yourself in the middle of a dispute among family members or friends. One side comes to you with their position. You nod, listen, ask some questions to get

Dems balk at extending hours liquor can be served at casinos

When Senate President Donald Williams, D-Brooklyn, and House Speaker Christopher Donovan, D-Meriden, outlined details of their 2008-09 deficit mitigation plan, they left out a Republican bid to raise