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DECD Commissioner: I’m not being groomed to be Rell’s new budget chief

Not long ago State Budget Director Robert Genuario, a former Republican state Senator from Norwalk, dismissed rumors he was eyeing the early retirement package being offered to thin the ranks of state

DEP schedules “don’t ask, don’t tell” day for residents to turn in “exotic animals”

The state Department of Environmental Protection just announced it has teamed up with Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport for an “exotic animal amnesty day” on July 25. The announcement comes on the heels of

Chances appear slim for House Dems to raise Senate Dems’ “concensus forecasting” bill

The state Senate in a party line vote last night approved the Democrats’ “concensus revenue forecasting” bill which, depending on whom you talk to, is either a.) the cure for future battles between

Connecticut’s Chief Court Administrator to Governor on her proposed court closings: You ever hear of a phone?

Yesterday Rhonda Stearley-Hebert, spokesman for the state’s Judicial Branch, told me that Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell’s administration never told the branch about its plans to shutter a handful of

Will House Democrats support Senate Democrats “consensus forecasting” bill?

It’s 8:40 p.m. The Senate just began debating the controversial “consensus forecasting” legislation Senate Democrats threw on the table last night. The debate is likely to last for hours. Senate

Governor Rell: I’m now cool with borrowing.

The revised budget Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell released today borrows millions of dollars to help cover the state deficit. Democrats quickly noted it was only a few months ago the Governor frowned

House Dems: Governor protecting state’s richest at the expense of the poorest

Earlier this afternoon Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell issued a revised budget proposal to reflect the fact her budget staff are now estimating the two-year deficit at $7.95 billion as opposed to the $6

Check and mate

In response to the Democrats’ deficit forecasting proposal outlined below, the legislature’s Republican minority is trying to force the majority party to vote on its two-year budget proposal by adding

Democrats’ proposal to end budget stand-off likely to continue budget stand-off

Word began circulating this afternoon that Senate Democrats were poised possibly tomorrow to offer an amendment they believe will end the current and any future debates between the General Assembly

“Hi. DEP? Yeah. Listen, where do I drop off my scorpions?”

With the legislative session entering it’s final week, I started wondering what the heck was going on with the wild animal ban lawmakers proposed following February’s chimp attack in Stamford. Quick