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GOP hangs Rep. Floren out to dry over bond package


Among the budget-related bills the General Assembly passed during last week’s special session was the two-year state bonding package – a wish list of projects funded through borrowing.

The bill was a mainly party-line vote. Republicans being the fiscal conservatives that they are typically argue they are taking a stand against increasing the state’s debt, even though any bonding ultimately has to be authorized by Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell and the state Bond Commission.

Only four Republicans, including Rep. Livvy Floren, R-Greenwich, joined the Democrats in passing the bonding bill in the House.

And Floren had a good reason for her “yes” vote – she was on the bi-partisan subcommittee that wrote the legislation.

“Of course I was going to support it,” Floren told me today by phone.

She continued: “I felt it was fair. I think people don’t understand that all of the things in there are not going to be funded in their lifetime. But (the committee) worked really, really hard to be fair to everyone. All the old projects were honored. We did pools of interests we felt were fair so people could compete – a pool for brownfields remediation and open space. It took out highly competative and personal earmarks. We cut agencies’ requests.”

But Floren’s stamp of approval did not sway Greenwich colleagues Rep. Fred Camillo and Sen. L. Scott Frantz. However Rep. John Hetherington, R-New Canaan, backed the bonding package.

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