Stephen Colbert takes on Sen. Lieberman’s opposition to public option

This went down last night on Comedy Central’s faux-conservative Colbert Report “political” program.

Stamford’s own self-described “independent Democrat” has been a favorite punching bag of Colbert’s since the 2006 Senate race when Lieberman declined an invitation to appear.

Ned Lamont, the Greenwich millionaire who challenged Lieberman for the party’s nomination, did brave an interview with Colbert, and I got a chance to tag along and report on their meeting.

It dawned on me while watching this last night how fantastic it would be if Colbert decided to try and take on Lieberman in 2012, should Lieberman decide to seek re-election. He could form Colbert for Connecticut or Connecticut for Colbert or somesuch.

You’d have a Democrat who is loved by many Republicans defending his seat from a fake Republican who is loved by many Democrats.

Somehow work in Alan Schlesinger, the Republican nominee abandoned by his party when Lamont won the 2006 Democratic primary and Lieberman formed the Connecticut for Lieberman Party to remain in the running, and you’ve got the makings of a mad entertaining, if somewhat confusing, 2012 race.

Brian Lockhart