Mayor Pavia opposes Sunday booze sales

I bumped into a lobbyist at the capitol today who represents the state’s package stores.

We got to talking about the ongoing debate over whether lawmakers should allow stores to sell booze on Sundays in an effort to boost state revenues (the group he represents – the Connecticut Package Stores Association – is against the idea).

Remembering I work for the Stamford Advocate, he handed me a copy of a letter from that city’s newly-minted Republican Mayor Michael Pavia to Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell expressing his opposition to Sunday sales.

The Mayors of Bridgeport, Hartford and New Haven all recently came out in favor of Sunday sales.

Here’s what Pavia wrote:


“Sunday sales of alcohol are erroneously being promoted by its advocates as a tax revenue generator in this budget crisis. I join my colleage Mayor Giuliano in Middletown, as well as the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association, the CT Coalition Against Underage Drinking, the MADD Connecticut Chapter, CT Prevention Network, Regional Substance Abuse Councils and local Youth Directors, all of whom oppose any new legislation to expand liquor sales to Sundays.”

“As a small business owner myself, I understand the difficulty in maintaining a payroll and meeting expenses. Package store owners are small business owners that create jobs; being open another day merely taxes their bottom line and increases their costs in overhead. It will increase their operational costs and overhead by 15 percent with little or no increased sales revenue. Sales that are normally captured in six days will now spread out over 7 days. Smaller package store owners, who do not or cannot afford to open Sundays, are expected to lose some of their market share to larger outlets and chains who will open on Sundays.”

“The push by some who believe that people will drink more because of an additional day of sale is misguided and only burdens our package stores financially without substantial additional revenue for the state.”

“I appreciate you time and consdiration of the importance of oposing Sunday sales.”

Brian Lockhart