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: March, 2010

Successive E-mails in my in-box give snapshot of ongoing health reform fallout

At 9:41 this morning the Democratic National Committee sent out a link to a headline in the Daily Caller portraying this week’s passage of health-care reform as a solid victory for Congressional

T.R. Rowe’s endorsement: Proof WWE is not hurting Linda McMahon’s candidacy

Who is T.R. Rowe and why is his endorsement today of Republican Linda McMahon’s U.S. Senate candidacy important? McMahon has come under fire over the past several months because of her family

$90 million state deal bringing Starwood to Stamford quietly becomes reality

On February 18 the legislature’s Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee approved a $90 million incentive package to bring Starwood Hotels and Resorts to Stamford. The tax credits, sales tax exemptions

Blumenthal: Dems’ proposal to tax TARP bonuses “likely Constitutional.”

State Senate Democrats have for weeks been pushing a job creation bill funded by a tax on bonuses paid Connecticut residents who work for federally-bailed-out companies. Many of these folks live in

What would you ask CL&P and UI about their handling of last week’s storm clean-up?

Here are the questions the Department of Public Utility Control, at the request of Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell, sent the two utilities in response to concerns about how long it took to return power

If you applied for the state’s furnace rebate program, please read this

The state Office of Policy and Management today announced that, because of a potential incident of attempted identity theft related to the recently concluded furnace rebate program, identity theft

Delving further into the impact of wealth on the 2010 campaigns

Had the pleasure of being one of three guests this afternoon on Colin McEnroe’s 1 p.m. show on WNPR Connecticut Public Radio. The topic was “Bling and Benz in 2010” and how wealth is playing a role in

Which candidate for Governor wants to decriminalize marijuana?

Scott Merrell, the so-called Rowayton Cowboy, was at the capitol Friday sitting patiently in a hearing room, his trademark cowboy hat on his lap, awaiting his turn to testify in favor of legislation

Merrick Alpert, the mature candidate

When Hearst Newspapers offered to include Mystic Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Merrick Alpert in this past weekend’s story about candidates’ wealth, he declined, basically saying there are more

Ten things you should know about tonight’s Dem gubernatorial debate

1. Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont arrived a few minutes late for the event, hosted by WVIT Channel 30, blaming traffic. All that money and Lamont still doesn’t own a hover car or a transporter. What