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: April, 2010

Senate Dems pass tax on bonuses, House Majority Leader wary

In a mostly party line, 21 to 14 vote, the state Senate tonight passed a jobs bill funded by a temporary, two-year tax on controversial bonuses paid state residents working for companies that

Will General Assembly debate hedge fund regulation?

For the past few sessions the legislature’s Banks Committee co-chairs – Sen. Bob Duff, D-Norwalk and Rep. Ryan Barry, D-Manchester – have tried unsuccessfully to pass legislation regulating

Bill requires state Ed Board to face community before closing Tech Schools

It’s too late to help J.M. Wright Technical School in Stamford, but a bill inspired in part by last year’s controversial decision to (temporarily?) shutter that beleaguered facility passed out of the

So, will Judge Bob Genuario storm out of a court room?

I’ve covered Robert Genuario in his capacity as state budget director, a Republican state Senator from Norwalk and as a zoning attorney appearing before that city’s land use agencies. And I cannot

Rell to Unions: Let’s Talk

Republican Governor M. Jodi Rell was in Fairfield this morning so I took the opportunity to ask her if she has a message for state union leaders. The unions so far have balked at agreeing to more

Oz Griebel sends Foley’s red meat back to kitchen

Greenwich Republican Tom Foley introduced a nice helping of red partisan meat to today’s 10-person gubernatorial debate in Bridgeport, arguing the budget crisis “was created by a Democrat-dominated

Keeping it real at the Bridgeport Guv debate

Fellow Hearst reporter Ken Dixon was the moderator at this morning’s crowded gubernatorial debate in Bridgeport, which featured ten out of the dozen candidates vying to replace retiring Republican

Guv candidates unanimous in panning securitization

10 candidates for governor are currently debating in Bridgeport. All of them Р6 Republicans and 4 Democrats Рare condemning securitization (or borrowing against future revenues) to balance the

Rep. Shapiro’s fuel price gouging bill passes House

A bill sponsored by Rep. Jim Shapiro, D-Stamford, giving the state greater powers to investigate mergers of fuel companies and allegations of fuel price gouging passed the House of Representatives

Where do the U.S. Senate candidates stand on global warming?

Earth Day was last week and Connecticut’s favorite “independent Democrat” U.S. Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Stamford is working to salvage a tri-partisan climate/energy bill down in Washington D.C. No