While his Senate opponents re-live Vietnam, Schiff garners Tea Party endorsement

U.S. Senate candidates Richard Blumenthal (D), Merrick Alpert (D), Linda McMahon (R) and Rob Simmons (R) are spending the final days before this weekend’s nominating conventions battling over whether Blumenthal puffed up his Vietnam-era military record in the Marine Corps Reserves.

Celebrity economist Peter Schiff, who is vying for the Republican Senate nod, has taken a few jabs at Blumenthal’s record, but his campaign also made a major pre-nominating convention announcement involving the here-and-now:


“No candidate in America better understands the fiscal mess we are in than Peter Schiff,” said Vivian Rockwell, cofounder of Distressed Patriots for America. “The Washington establishment pretends we can borrow our way out of debt. Peter Schiff knows we must face facts and cut spending. He has the courage and the financial expertise to tackle our economic woes.”

“Unlike one of Peter Schiff’s liberal Republican opponents, he is not a career politician, but a knowledgeable patriot determined to rein in the cost and scope of government. He speaks directly to the concerns that have inspired the tea party movement. Peter recognizes the need to address our crushing national debt and protect the value of the dollar. He is not out to buy the Senate seat as one of his other Republican opponents, but as evidenced here today, he has garnered the respect and support of ordinary Connecticut taxpayers who are fed up with the way politicians in Washington are dismantling our Constitution by steadily stealing our freedoms while being anything but transparent in the process. Peter will term limit himself to just one term. He possess economic knowledge far beyond all presently seated in the United States Senate. Peter will not just promise to represent the citizens of Connecticut; he actually will represent us.”

Joining in the endorsement were leaders from the Hartford, Stratford, and Stamford/Greenwich tea party groups, the Connecticut Patriot Alliance, Right Principles, the Independence Caucus, Distressed Patriots for America, Connecticut Resistance, and Dump Dodd.

“The people are ready to support candidates who will reduce spending and restore fiscal sanity,” said Rockwell. “They’ve been rallying for over a year in support of limited government, personal liberty, and economic freedom. The good news is that we have men and women seeking state and federal office who share our vision and merit our support.”

“Peter Schiff embodies many of the principles of the tea party movement. We are blessed to have him in Connecticut, and we are proud to support him. We ask the delegates to the Republican Party Convention this weekend to join us in backing Peter Schiff.”

Brian Lockhart