Blumenthal campaign: Worried? Ha! Look at OUR polling data

In response to today’s Quinnipiac University poll showing Republican Linda McMahon is now within six points of Democrat Dick Blumenthal in the U.S. Senate race, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee this morning distributed internal poll numbers showing Blumenthal ahead by 15.

This is all of the information contained in the DSCC e-mail:



800 Likely Voters
September 8 – 12, 2010

Blumenthal (61/34)
McMahon (48/46)
Obama (55/43)
World Wrestling Entertainment (21/62)

Blumenthal (70/27)

Blumenthal 54 – McMahon 39


The DSCC and Blumenthal camp clearly want to nip stories about McMahon having the momentum and Blumenthal running a listless campaign in the bud.

But people are generally skeptical about internal polls – “How do we know they didn’t just make up those numbers?” – so, like it or not, the Quinnipiac data is going to get all of the attention today.

The Q-Poll is extremely interesting and I’d urge anyone who is following this race to read it in full to get an understanding of how voters view Blumenthal and McMahon.

It’s also interesting to note that the Rasmussen Reports poll from a few days ago had Blumenthal widening his lead from seven to nine points.

Brian Lockhart