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: February, 2011

Member of a private club? Smoke ’em while you can.

The legislature’s Public Health Committee has scheduled a hearing tomorrow at 11 a.m. on a proposal to extend the state’s ban on smoking in restaurants and bars to private clubs. Clubs were exempted

Sec of State Merrill wants ballot buck to stop with her

New Democratic Secretary of the State Denise Merrill is pursuing legislation that would allow her office to require cities/towns order more ballots should she determine they might face Election Day

Brother Malloy’s Travelling Salvation Show

Popular ex-Republican Governor M. Jodi Rell was criticized for squandering her political capital and failing to use the bully pulpit to sell her proposals to the public. So it will be interesting to

Commuter Spokesman to Malloy: Want to fix train mess? Grab an ice scraper.

James Cameron, the often outspoken head of the Connecticut Rail Commuter Council, was not impressed by new Governor Dannel Malloy’s efforts yesterday to involve himself in the weather-related cuts to

Governor Malloy: State’s IT pretty much a disaster

During an editorial board meeting today with Hearst Connecticut Media Group, new Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy lamented the antiquated status of the state’s information technology systems. He

Legislature weighing job impact statements for bills

The General Assembly’s Commerce Committee is scheduled Thursday to¬†consider a proposal requiring job impact statements be attached to all bills affecting employment. The idea is a favorite among