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Insurance lobbyist balks at rumors surrounding union concessions/SustiNet

As state government’s rank-and-file employees consider the package of union concessions their negotiators reached with Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy, rumors are circulating the deal is somehow

GOP Minority Leader Cafero’s advice to Healy replacements

Briefly chatted tonight with House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero, R-Norwalk, about some of the folks lining up to replace retiring GOP Chairman Chris Healy. Cafero said he’s trying to stay out of

State watchdogs at capitol urging lawmakers to reject merger

Representatives from three key watchdog agencies – the Office of State Ethics, the Freedom of Information Commission and the Elections Enforcement Commission – gathered outside of the House of

Dems, GOP battling over prison reform language

Here’s the quote that has caused so much consternation at the capitol over the last 24 hours: “An inmate may earn risk reduction credit for adherence to the inmate’s offender accountability plan and

Helpful Legislative Tip: Reps. Hwang and Tong ARE NOT THE SAME PERSON

State Reps. William Tong, D-Stamford and Tony Hwang, R-Fairfield, are, respectively, the first and second Asian Americans elected to the General Assembly. Hwang mentioned to me today during a

How does state handle complaints against employee drivers?

Since it was first launched three years ago, a website allowing the public to comment on the driving habits of state workers has generated nearly 2,000 complaints. How have those been handled? Check

Norwalk lawmaker wants colleagues to reconsider Internet sales tax, but Finance Chair says, “No way.”

State Rep. Chris Perone, D-Norwalk, is one of the more quiet members of the General Assembly. I don’t mean that as an insult or a slap at how he represents his constituents. But he’s not an attention

Think state unions still got it pretty good? Here’s Malloy administration’s position

During a press briefing this morning on Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy’s concessions deal with state unions, I asked his advisor, Roy Occhiogrosso, what he would say to those taxpayers who still

Sen. Roraback pledges to shave head over union deal

There’s been some skepticism over a section of the governor’s concessions deal with state unions that estimates $180 million in savings from what critics mock as a “suggestion box.” Specifically

Guess Guv Malloy ain’t opening Emergency Ops Center for world’s end

For an administration that’s been talking a lot during the fiscal crisis about “shared sacrifice” and offering doomsday budgets, Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy’s office is pretty uninformed about