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Things between state unions, Guv Dannel Malloy can’t be that bad…

… if Matt O’Connor, spokesman for the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition, still hasn’t peeled his Malloy campaign sticker off the back of the clipboard he carries around. O’Connor has for

Union spokesman says leaders closing in on plan to save state $1.6 billion

Matt O’Connor, a spokesman for the State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition, this afternoon said he is confident that in the coming days and weeks the group’s 15 union leaders will find a way to

Malloy’s request for more power: Marshal law or decisive governing?

House Republican leaders this afternoon held a press conference to, in part, mock the legislature’s Democratic majority for considering granting the governor extraordinary powers to enact budget cuts.

Can unions find way to make everybody happy?

There’s been a lot of talk over the past several days about exactly how union leaders might try to salvage the $1.6 billion concessions package a majority of their members backed, but not enough to

Former House Speaker Lyons wary of giving Malloy power to cut $700M

With state unions having rejected a $1.6 billion concessions package needed to balance the two-year budget, Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy is asking legislators to grant him the authority to make at

Layoffs not as simple as issuing pink slips

Our librarian, Erin Walsh, who is a huge help researching old stories, just dug up an Associated Press article from 2003 when then-Republican Gov. John Rowland executed around 3,000 massive layoffs.

Did union vote amount to seniors versus juniors?

That’s one explanation for state employees’ rejection this week of a $1.6 billion concessions package that guaranteed four years of job security in return for a two year pay freeze and changes in

Speaker Donovan unsure, Deputy Godfrey against giving Guv more power

There were two big stories in Connecticut politics today. The first was the apparent death – for now – of a concessions package worth $1.6 billion that state unions were being asked to ratify to

Yankee Institute wants expedited probe of union accusations

For several days now state union spokesmen have alleged that conservative forces, including The Yankee Institute for Public Policy, have been intentionally spreading misinformation about a $1.6

“CT’s budget imploding. Wish you were here.”

New Governor Dannel Malloy wants to boost tourism in Connecticut, but I’m sure he’d prefer visitors to the capitol today were snapping photos of happier events… This afternoon a group of tourists