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: January, 2012

Swan wants legislature to hold hearings on tax refund cards

Sen. Minority Leader John McKinney, R-Fairfield, and Tom Swan, head of the Connecticut Citizen Action Group, rarely agree on policy matters. But Swan this evening backed up McKinney’s call for

Tong announces 4th quarter Senate $$$

State Rep. William Tong, D-Stamford, raised $160,000 in the last quarter of 2011 and has roughly $300,000 cash-on-hand, according to a statement from his campaign for U.S. Senate. For those keeping

Malloy administration announces oxymoron

Gov. Dannel Malloy today announced the formation of a Red Tape Review and Removal Taskforce charged with reviewing education mandates. That is the kind of name that only someone with a very serious

Which campaign will be 1st to exploit Grote & Weigel closure?

You just know politicians are dying to figure out how they can turn the Grote & Weigel sausage company closing to their advantage during this election year where the focus is on jobs/the economy.

Can you spot the celebrities in campaign finance reports?

Those of us who spend election years sifting through candidates’ campaign finance reports know that special thrill of stumbling over celebrity, semi-celebrity and/or pseudo-celebrity donors. Here are

Gambling supporters have upper hand at forum

The chairs of the legislature’s Public Safety and Security Committee, which has oversight over gaming matters, have scheduled a February 2 forum to discuss Connecticut’s entry into the world of online

Sen. Blumenthal’s old campaign manager in familiar territory

In 2010 Mindy Myers helped then-Attorney General Richard Blumenthal portray his opponent for U.S. Senate – Republican Linda McMahon – as a wealthy, out-of-touch candidate using her own fortune to try

Don’t know what the state Claims Commissioner does? You should.

Here are two stories we published Sunday taking a closer look at the little known but quite powerful Office of the Claims Commissioner, which decides whether or not to allow lawsuits to proceed

Office of Nonpartisan Truth-telling, Bubble-bursting and Bad-news-breaking

I’m going to admit I’ve been enjoying watching Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy and his staff contend this week with the nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis’ current budget projections (click CT News

Truck Lobbyist Mike Riley’s prayers may have been answered…

… in Beacon Falls. Here’s our story about a local inventor who has patented a device for removing snow and ice from tractor trailers before the debris goes careening toward other motorists. Michael