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: April, 2012

Legislators take another shot at cell towers

The House of Representatives today unanimously passed a bill supporters say will improve the transparency around cell tower applications and provide municipalities a greater role in the process.

Sunday sales AND Sunday hunting?

In the Land of Steady Habits allowing things on Sunday is a battle. Just ask the folks who for years have been trying to alter state laws to allow the sale of booze. But it appears the liquor laws are

National GOP reconsidering punishing Florida for early primary

While states like Connecticut agreed to push back their presidential primaries at the request of the two major parties – and paid for it with abysmal turnout – Florida went its own way and held a

CT Conference of Municipalities worried about fed immigration policy

I hadn’t expected to see James Finley, executive director of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, at a protest of the federal Secure Communities initiative. Launched in Connecticut earlier

Yay! The GOP’s Deficit Clock returns to the Capitol!

The Deficit Clock has become a common sight at the Capitol in recent years outside either the Senate or the House Republican chambers. Unveiled in early 2009 by GOP lawmakers, the

Protestors urge legislators to oppose telecom dereg bill

Here’s the telecommunications bill in question. Here’s our story about why the Working Families Party, the Sierra Club, AT&T employees and a chairman of the legislature’s Energy & Technology

Malloy Chief of Staff says Guv supportive of revised booze bill

The House of Representatives just passed a bill updating the state’s liquor laws, including allowing Sunday sales. The vote was 116 to 27 following a two hour debate. The legislation – spearheaded by

Class picture day for the General Assembly

Earlier this year Hartford Courant columnist/radio host Colin McEnroe compared the legislature to high school. If that’s the case, yesterday was class picture day. In-between votes members of the

Gingrich, Santorum campaign officials in CT open to Romney

They don’t have kind things to say about Mitt Romney, but they’ll take him over President Barack Obama. Following ex-Massachusetts Governor Romney’s victories in today’s primaries, including

MSNBC highlights Tong’s candidacy

State Rep. William Tong’s, D-Stamford campaign for his party’s U.S. Senate nomination is promoting the candidate’s recent appearance on MSNBC. It’s always interesting to see the national media focus