Oakes endorses Murphy over a beer, Star Trek novel

As we reported May 15, regular guy Matt Oakes has formally abandoned his underdog race for U.S. Senate to instead back the Democratic Party’s endorsed candidate, U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy.

Oakes had mentioned to me the two would be filming a humorous web ad, and here it is below.

Oakes hasn’t always been so complimentary of Murphy. Check out Face the State host Dennis House’s blog.

Love or hate either of them, you’ve got to admit the ad’s creative, particularly the reference to Oakes’ response to a question during one debate about what candidates were reading.

While others, Murphy included, talked about one intellectual book or another, Oakes honestly (and bravely) responded a Star Trek novel.

Perhaps this is the start of another beautiful Kirk/Spock friendship…

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Brian Lockhart