Murphy campaign on Q-Poll: Holy #@%*%!!! Send money!!!

Read into it what you will – panic or mock panic.

In the wake of this morning’s Quinnipiac University poll showing Republican Linda McMahon within three points of Democrat Chris Murphy in the general election, the latter’s campaign sent out a fundraising email sounding the alarm.

I’ve highlighted the section where Murphy campaign manager Kenny Curran repeated McMahon is three points away for the non-believers.


Did you see this morning’s Quinnipiac University Poll of our race?

The good news is it shows we have an overwhelming 30 point lead in the Democratic primary.

However, in the general election, Linda McMahon has climbed to within 3 points. Let me say that again – Linda McMahon has closed to within 3 points of Chris in the polls.

Why? It’s simple – her money advantage is working. McMahon’s already spent $3 million on TV ads to rehabilitate her image, and we don’t have the money to be on the air right now.

But you can change that.

Can you help us fight back with a $25 contribution right now?

Brian Lockhart