The hip campaign strategy: Penning letters of outrage to TV stations about ads.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy’s campaign did it during the U.S. Senate primary with Susan Bysiewicz. Republican Andrew Roraback’s campaign pulled a similar move in his heated race in the 5th

What’s more humbling than losing a primary? Asking for help paying your debt.

Retiring state House Speaker Chris Donovan, D-Meriden, who was unable to salvage his congressional bid in the wake of a federal influence-peddling probe, has been pretty quiet after losing the 5th

WWE: New Blu-ray of era Linda wants voters to ignore will be PG

World Wrestling Entertainment’s “attitude era” has gotten plenty of unwanted attention since Linda McMahon, whose family owns the Stamford-based wrestling empire, became interested in politics.

McMahon’s gig at Women’s Expo creates controversy

Here’s a recipe for political controversy: Take the well-attended Women’s Expo this weekend in Hartford, give Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon a much higher profile role than Democratic

Sign of a well-funded campaign? Brochures aimed at counties.

The latest mailing from Linda McMahon to hit my Fairfield County mailbox. McMahon, the Republican U.S. Senate candidate, is, as was the case during her first run in 2010, mostly self-funding her 2012

The man behind McMahon’s second campaign

Hartford Courant reporter Daniela Altimari gives Connecticut residents a glimpse at the 31-year-old whose decisions are driving much of Connecticut’s political discourse these days and driving

State Dems mark 3rd anniversary of Linda’s campaign for U.S. Senate

Republican Linda McMahon scoffs at “career politicians” but today state Democrats want to remind voters she’s turned into a professional candidate. Connecticut Democrats are commemorating McMahon’s

If it ain’t broke?… Dems recycle anti-McMahon slogan from 2010

Perhaps because the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee wasn’t expecting a close race in blue Connecticut, the group’s first ad attacking Republican Linda McMahon recycles the slogan Democrats