Day 2 Means New Slogans, New Swag

Good morning everyone, hope you all had a pleasent night’s sleep. Many of the delegates didn’t. But as we all stumble into the Connecticut Convention Center, it becomes quite evident that none of the campaigns took any time off. Just by virtue of showing up, delegates this morning are priviledged to multiple bags of goodies including t-shirts and enough campaign literature to use as kindling for a small fire. Not that the beavy of promotional material has stopped some of the delegates from just ploping right down on top of the mountain of stuff without bothering to move it out of the way first. I guess they won’t be sporting their Tom Foley gear.
And what is on tap for this morning’s entertainment? That’s right, a scathing video attacking state Democrats for the mess they created throughout the state. Following up the intense, though technically-deficient video (which limped through with poor audio and had to be restarted) is House Republican Leader Larry Cafero with a parable about a horse that symbolizes the state GOP. Bolstering his speech is the maxim “spend no more than you make” which draw loud cheers. The buzz is more subdued than yesterday but Rep. Cafero is doing a good job restoring the excitement to the crowd. Perhaps its just enough to help delegates shake off our collective late nights.