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When McMahon offered an olive branch to Schiff

I’ve been meaning to blog this since last night, when Linda McMahon won the Republican Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate. McMahon during her victory speech took a few moments to acknowledge her

Corey Brinson adds a little diversity to GOP

It’s no secret that the floor at the Republican nominating convention is a sea of white faces. So Corey Brinson, a black lawyer from Bloomfield, stands out. Brinson today was vying for the GOP

Flatto drops out

Kathleen O’Rourke/Staff photo By Bill Cummings HARTFORD — Fairfield First Selectman Ken Flatto dropped out of the race for the Democratic endorsement for comptroller as the first ballot was under way

Merrill is triumphant

Kathleen O’Rourke/Staff photo By Bill Cummings HARTFORD — Democratic State Rep. Denise Merrill, a House majority leader who has served in the Legislature for 17 years, won a close victory Saturday to

Oz Griebel plans to primary his as … er … his butt off

Hartford businessman Oz Griebel did not secure the Republican Party’s gubernatorial nomination this afternoon but will mount a primary against the official candidate – Greenwich millionaire Tom Foley.

It’s all about stamina

So you may wonder who exactly comes to these conventions. At least I did when I started trying to figure out how candidates got on the ballot. But the non-scientific answer is that the people who come

Garcia Makes Primary, Drops out of Second Round Balloting to Throw Support to Harris

Volunteers with the Gerry Garcia campaign pass out  Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the parking lot at the 2010 State Democratic Convention at the Connecticut Expo in Hartford.  Kathleen O’Rourke/Staff

Democratic intrigue

HARTFORD — A big-city push is brewing in the race for the Democratic endorsement for comptroller, the job now held by Nancy Wyman, who was nominated to run for lieutenant governor.  Waterbury Mayor

Merrill leads, but falls short of majority

HARTFORD — Democrats are moving to the second ballot for secretary of state following a first ballot that failed to deliver a majority for one of the three candidates for the office. Denise Merrill

Foley gets endorsement

By Brian Lockhart HARTFORD — Wealthy business executive Tom Foley pulled out a narrow win over Lt. Gov. Michael Fedele of Stamford in the contest for the Republican endorsement for governor. The pair