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Day 2 at the recount

Counting has resumed at the City Hall Annex Tuesday morning. We have a fewer volunteers than we did on day 1. As a result, we are only able to have 2 groups of counters. As of 10 a.m. Tuesday, we have

Recount underway

By Tim Loh, Staff Writer The Bridgeport recount is now one hour underway, but we’re still waiting on the first results. First up: the City Hall voting district, 130-4. According to the moderator’s

Second group of volunteers opening ballots

The second group of volunteers is now counting a batch of ballots.

Preparing to recount the ballots

The ballots are being brought in to the counting area and the moderator is explaining to the volunteers the process that will be used to recount the Bridgeport ballots from the November election.

Twitter lessons from Chris Dodd

Do you follow U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd on Twitter? If so, you may have been surprised by a tweet sent from his account Thursday morning. U love torturing me w this sh*tless than a minute ago via

Malloy to appear on Face the State

Check out Hearst Media Group investigative reporter Brian Lockhart’s preview to Malloy’s appearance on Face the State Sunday. Lockhart was among three invitees asked to interview the governor-elect,

Malloy totals still fluctuating. His margin of victory is now 6,805

The vote totals keep changing as the smoke clears over town and city halls throughout the state. Governor-elect Dannel Malloy is now up to 567,678 and Republican Tom Foley has 560,873, according to

Linda breaks her silence: What’s $50 mil?

Linda McMahon emerged from her witness protection-like vanishing act Monday to give Hearst Connecticut Newspapers one of her first interviews since losing to Democrat Richard Blumenthal in

Down for the count, err recount: Republicans fault election law

Much to the chagrin of Republicans, who are licking their wounds after Tom Foley’s concession to Dan Malloy in the governor’s race today, Connecticut’s election law only provides for an automatic

Boughton wishes Malloy well

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, reached by cell phone this afternoon in Hartford, said he is fine with returning to Danbury as mayor as his running mate announced that the Republican team would not be