Hovey has last laugh with toilet display

In the waning hours before Election Day, State Rep. DebraLee Hovey‘s neighbors filed a complaint at Monroe Town Hall claiming she and her husband, Bridgeport Firefighter Paul Balsano, for five years have hidden renovations to their basement to avoid a higher tax assessment. The neighbors claim she has two bedrooms and a rubber-duck themed bathroom in her basement that are not accounted for in town property records.

But after clinching a landslide victory against Democratic Monroe Town Councilwoman Michele Mount to keep her seat as representative of the 112th District, Hovey is having the last laugh.

Staked in the lawn at her home on Fan Hill Road today is a “Thank-you” sign to supporters who helped her win 62 percent of the vote. Seated beside the sign on a yellow toilet is a stuffed character wearing a “Scream” thriller movie mask.

“I guess this is her way of saying she got away with it,” said Lisa Gangnath, a Trumbull resident who owns the property next-door to Hovey.

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3 Responses

  1. Anita Nedley says:

    Newtown’s House of Representative DebraLee Hovey’s Facebook post to Gabby Giffords is: “Gabby Gifford stay out of my towns!!” She goes on to call Newtown residents “My grieving families”… Has she no clue that she DOES NOT OWN Newtown residents?.. She WORKS FOR them!
    Her Facebook New Year’s resolution is: “To be kinder, more thoughtful, and loving to those who try my patience”…. It is apparently clear… Shooting victims “try” DebraLee Hoveys patience. What a disgrace!!! SHAME ON YOU DebraLee Hovey! SHAME ON YOU!

  2. Monroe Resident says:

    She speaks! Ms. Hovey, quite frankly I am appalled at your lack of tact. Not only have you insulted minorities in the past, but you also insulted the City of Bridgeport, and many of the constituents that you are SUPPOSED to be working for. I am disgusted that any elected official could behave in a manner less than civil, and less than upholding the values of which a representative position holds. You made an oath to uphold the law. Can you swear that you followed that oath?

    Furthermore, this business over your basement does make me question your motives. It would have put to be this issue if you allowed a Town assessor to inspect the property an make the final call once and for all, but yet you still decide to keep your doors closed. What are you hiding Ms. Hovey? Not one person can trust an “official” that has skeletons she is obviously hiding in the closet. Until this matter is resolved, I do not see you as anything more than a typical politician covering up her mistakes instead of taking the high road and letting the truth be known. What a pity. Be assured, this won’t disappear.

    Any also, where did that toilet exactly come from?

  3. DebraLee Hovey says:

    Ms. Gagnath needs to be very careful about what she has to say since..she has not lived in the house her Mother owns for more than 20 years..and she had excavation work done on wet lands without a permit and it leached mud into our pond. DEP was notified and she was at fault for not getting proper permitting but we did not press the issue becasue we do recognize she might be trying to improve the property.However, for all you environmentalist she did the excavation within 2 feet of our pond with out protection of a silt fence until the town intervened. I think it is time for her to be quiet. Please see Scott Shotline Monroe town for details of the letter she was sent