LIVE: Malloy budget address

Watch live as Gov. Dannel P. Malloy delivers his budget address today to the General Assembly.

Members of Hearst CT newspapers’ editorial boards will be in the chat offering live analysis and answering readers’ questions before, during and after the speech.


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Jeff Bustraan

12 Responses

  1. Michele Herrmann says:

    These new taxes will hurt small businesses. Haven’t previous state initiatives driven enough of them away already?

  2. Haggisonline says:

    Want to cut millions of waste right now? Get rid of all the school superintendents, police chiefs, fire chiefs and all their support staff. Why is it that every town in Connecticut has a Chief of Police, etc.? I’ve lived in three countries and in two of them Chiefs of Police and Fire oversaw regions covering millions of people. Why in a town like Ridgefield do they have a Chief of Police, Fire Chief and a school superintendent? There are less than ten schools, each of which has a principal, assistant principal, etc. It’s a stupid waste of money! Worldwide corporations have one CEO covering the globe, yet Connecticut’s towns have to have bureaucrats covering a few thousand people. The last town I lived in had a Chief of Police responsible for an area as big as Connecticut, with a million residents. Get real and stop hiding your heads in the sand. Consolidate the services now!

  3. Joe Thompson says:

    Thank you all you knuckleheads who voted this jackass into office.. He pretty much destroyed business in Stamford, and now he will destroy businesses even more. When the hell will these liberal politicians learn that the more you tax, the more people will leave. It is pretty easy to spend money when it is not yours. This guy is a loser just like the loser in Washington. I guarantee you I will be moving soon, and for those who think “good who needs you!” Well my response is to you is when you realize that a majority of your money earned goes to the government you will be leaving also. Sacrifice my butt!!!! If he wants real sacrifice tell the unions to pay their fair share, and give back all their BS perks, stop borrowing money and live within your means, and the interest alone will put you in the black.

  4. Abe says:

    The great comedy in this is Malloy’s complete lack of understanding of basic economics. While he mocks what Governor Christie is accomplishing in NJ, he is putting this state on a track to slow what little economic growth there is. IF he were to look at what Gov. Corzine had done (very similar to Malloy) he would see that this is not a recipe for success.

    His hubris is so inflated, however – only the legislature stands between the passage of this disaster and his desk.

  5. FedupinCT says:

    He’s increasing taxes, asking (just asking) for concessions from state employees and holding spending in other areas….Hummmm then why is the bottom line spending increasing each year over the next two years? ON WHAT?

  6. Magdalene Perez says:

    We’re getting a lot of “What? Tax my yoga?” comments here in the newsroom.

  7. As Brian Lockhart’s reporting pointed out, we’ve never funded a new IT system called for after the Cheshire killings to give parole boards better information about inmates in real time.

  8. Magdalene Perez says:

    Stamford schools will be happy to hear no decreases to school education funding.

  9. Overhauling the ECS could certainly help Stamford.

  10. Charlene Sessa says:

    The tax hikes do not show Leadership, but a cowardly lazy means of raising revenue. Cut, cut, cut spending. Residents and businesses are struggling to survive in this horrific economy. Malloy will kill the little that is left to many of those that are living day to day. Malloy just doesn’t or chooses not to grasp this. Malloy created the Water usage TAX in Stamford, just to increase the tax revenue. What can we expect from his voracious tax hike and spending appetite.

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  12. Frances Sessa says:

    How can Malloy justify tax hikes in this weak and fragile economy when many are unemployed and fighting to survive? These taxes will hurt small businesses and smother any job growth. Connecticut already pays the highest taxes in the narion. If a sacrifice is to be made it should be in the Capitol, not with the citizens who are hostages to the government.