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Was Dick Morris jilted by the McMahon campaign?

Hell hath no fury like a political consultant scorned. But was Dick Morris jilted by the McMahon campaign? That’s how one person familiar with the context of the relationship between Morris and

Oops: Whitnum confuses Kirsten Gillibrand for Carolyn McCarthy

Jonathan Gillibrand, the husband of New York’s junior Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, is alive and kickin’, we are pleased to report. Sunday talk show viewers might have come away with a different

Shays gets seal of approval of Dick Morris, who dubs McMahon “radioactive”

GOP Senate contender Christopher Shays has enlisted the help of Dick Morris, a veteran GOP political strategist and one-time Clinton adviser who lives in Redding. Morris filmed a testimonial for Shays

Donovan goes negative on Esty for refusing negative ad pact

House Speaker Chris Donovan’s, D-Meriden campaign for the 5th Congressional District nomination Sunday called upon his opponents to lay down their arms and join in a voluntary ”no negativity”

In light of arrest, Donovan/Murphy to donate Vaccaro’s $$$

The Hartford Courant today reported Donald Vaccaro, CEO of TicketNetwork Inc., was arrested at an Oscars party last night and charged with a second-degree hate crime, second-degree threatening, breach

A weekend off? Ha! Malloy out of town, again, this time for the NGA.

 Governor Dannel P. Malloy is out of state this weekend for the 2012 National Governors Association (NGA) Winter Meeting in the District of Columbia. On Saturday, he’ll attend the opening session,

Dropkick Murphy: GOP’s Westby calls on Senate frontrunner to bow out

Kie Westby, a Republican State Central Committee member from Southbury who is running for U.S. Senate, released this video today calling on Congressman Chris Murphy, D-5th District, the frontrunner in

Must see TV? Not so fast on Shays vs. McMahon NBC debate

Sarah Palin is so 2008. But what about a Tiny Fey impersonation of Linda McMahon? Heck, the  comedienne might need to sit in for McMahon altogether at the rate things are going with the scheduling of

$earch engine: former Google lobbyist stumps for McMahon

Rick Murphy, who runs a government relations firm — that’s Washington-speak for lobbyist — steps from Capitol Hill is hosting a March 19 fundraising reception for GOP Senate hopeful Linda McMahon at

ATM withdrawal: Romney to return to Connecticut

Mitt Romney is parachuting into Connecticut’s Gold Coast — again. Once considered a lock to win the Republican presidential nomination, an outcome that is now somewhat in question because of