The velvet rope: Shays operative denied access to McMahon presser

Christopher Shays doesn’t strike us as the bucket service type.

A political operative for the ex-congressman-turned-Senate candidate wasn’t on “the list” today at campaign event for Linda McMahon.

Shays  dispatched one of his staffers to a morning news conference at a Newington woodworking company called by GOP Senate foe Linda McMahon to unveil her economic recovery plan.

The political operative was turned away at the door by the McMahon campaign, according to Shays’ spokeswoman Amanda Bergen.

Bergen insisted that the staffer was not a “tracker,” you know the guys paid to stalk politicians by the opposition and get video footage of their every move — and perhaps a blunder here and there.

McMahon’s campaign spokeswoman Erin Isaac issued the following response:

“It’s disappointing the congressman continues negative campaigning tactics, Isaac said. “If he’s looking for good ideas to turn the economy around and get people back to work, I encourage him to visit

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Neil Vigdor

5 Responses

  1. Jay says:

    I’ve gone to opponents campaigns many times while I’ve been supporting someone else. Not there to “Spy”, just there to see what the candidate has to say. Some people just love politics. I’d say the McMahon campaign should have let the “political operative” in.

  2. Stuart J... says:

    Looks like Linda McMahon runs her campaign a lot like she used to run the WWE: on a fake premise.
    Guess she figures if Dwayne Johnson can go to Witch Mountain or be the Tooth Fair, she can go to Washington. Except Dwayne never body slammed anyone trying to get in his movie premieres.

  3. Kristen Williams says:

    Something tells me the Shays campaign wouldn’t turn away a McMahon staff member. Just sayin’.

  4. Jeff says:

    I don’t see why her staff turned him down? She clearly won’t be transparent if she keeps these antics up…

  5. Robert S. says:

    It’s not hard to believe. Unethical decisions are part of her general demeanor. I mean, for years she went on TV and promoted Vince’s “affair” as part of a TV soap opera. Look at her business, and ask herself- does that represent the people of Connecticut?

    Do I need to post the answer to that question?