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Whitnum dodges DiNardo


Connecticut’s top Democrat is apparently somewhere low on Lee Whitnum’s callback list.

State Democratic Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo is still waiting to read Whitnum the riot act — for lack of a better description — after the combustible Senate long-shot called the party’s frontrunner Chris Murphy a “whore” in a televised debate last week.

“I did reach out to her and I have yet to hear back from her,” DiNardo told Hearst Connecticut Newspapers.

DiNardo says she left a message for Whitnum Monday morning, hours before a Hartford Courant debate at UConn between five of the Democrats running for Senate.

“In fairness she could have been prepping for that,” DiNardo said. “Still it’s been a while.”

“I want to sit down and meet with her and certainly hear what she has to say.”

Expect DiNardo to play the role of disciplinarian.

“We do need to be civil because people want to hear about the issues and not call people names,” DiNardo said.

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Neil Vigdor

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  1. David Evans says:

    There was nothing wrong with Lee Whitnum’s performance, in fact her courage and outspokenness is just what is needed in a House and Senate full of double-speaking equivocators who avoid uncomfortable truth for political expedience! For far too long OUR Representatives have been pandering to and cowed by the Israeli Lobby, sending billions of OUR tax dollars to aid Israel in its numerous war crimes and land theft operations:




    Lee Whitnum, when elected, will cease allowing Israel to continue making enemies for the US, while she, unlike most current US legislators, puts American interests ahead of the interests of a foreign state.

    She has my vote!

    David Evans
    Former Sergeant, USMC
    Member of Veterans For Peace
    Israel/Palestine Working group