Murphy kicks off work week with tax return release

Democratic U.S. Rep./U.S. Senate candidate Chris Murphy’s announcement today he will release his tax returns Wednesday is clearly an effort to pressure possible (likely?) GOP opponent Linda McMahon to reveal hers as well.

As was the case in 2010, Democrats are trying to portray the wealthy McMahon – of the WWE McMahons – as out-of-touch with the common voter and expect the returns will provide some ammo.

But it will be interesting to see the returns of the other Republican and Democratic candidates vying for the job as well.

Murphy’s announcement:

Murphy to Release 2011 Tax Return, Calls on Other Senate Candidates to Do the Same

ROCKY HILL—This week, Chris Murphy will make his 2011 tax returns available to the press. Murphy is calling on all of the candidates for the U.S. Senate in Connecticut to release their own 2011 tax returns.

“I’m releasing my tax return this week, and I think it’s important for all the other Senate candidates to do the same thing,” said Murphy. “Over the next few years, the Senate is going to be making big decisions about simplifying the tax code and asking the wealthiest taxpayers to pay their fair share. With these hard choices ahead of us, Senate candidates’ finances should be totally transparent so that voters can decide whether a candidate’s position on taxes is in the public interest or just their private interest.”

Interested reporters should contact Murphy’s campaign headquarters on Wednesday, April 18th for a copy of Murphy’s 2011 tax return.

Brian Lockhart