Local pols out in force

No shortage of local officials at the Democratic Party convention at Central Connecticut State University Saturday. Most were solidly in the Murphy camp.

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, a former state senator: “I worked with Chris Murphy in the Senate for many years when he was the leader in health care reform at the very beginning of the whole national argument. I can’t think of a better voice to make sure that cities and working-class people get the health care that the country deserves.”

Finch said whether there is a primary is less important than the chances of being outspent by Republicans in the fall campaign. “When you have a candidate with $50 million of their own money it kind of braces everybody and you think maybe we should save the money for the general. But Blumenthal was outspent dramatically too.”

Former Bridgeport Mayor John M. Fabrizi was a Murphy supporter. “Chris Murphy has demonstrated that he can hit the ground running in the U.S. Senate job. He’s acclimated to Washington. He knows the issues and challenges that Connecticut faces on a daily basis.”

Former Trumbull First Selectman Raymond Baldwin was a Murphy supporter as well. “He has a great record and I think he’ll represent the state of Connecticut very well,” he said.

Another Murphy supporter was state Sen. Anthony Musto, D-Trumbull. “I think he’s got the best chance of winning. He’s done a good job in Congress for us already. He’s been a solid Democrat, supporting the issues that are important to Connecticut.”

Paul Timpanelli of Trumbull: “His achievement as a congressman is stellar. I think he’s smart. He works hard. He’s articulate. He’ll be a good representative for the state of Connecticut.” Timpanelli said he believes a Senate primary would be “healthy” for the party. “And it looks like it may happen.”