Meal ticket: the skinny on Linda’s convention night spread

A carving station at Linda McMahon's November 2010 election night soiree in Hartford.

Southerners have the market cornered when it comes to hospitality.

And Linda McMahon is no exception.

The North Carolina-raised wrestling mogul is poised to carve up the state Republican convention Friday night — not just figuratively.

McMahon is renting out a space at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford for a hospitality suite that is said to be comparable in size to the exhibit hall reserved by the state GOP and can accommodate up to 1,000 people, Hearst Connecticut Newspapers has learned.

It might be bigger.

“She’s gonna go for the kill,” a person familiar with McMahon’s setup told the newspaper on the condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to speak for the campaign.

Inside the massive space, which will be separated from the convention hall by a temporary wall, the two-time U.S. Senate contender is expected to treat Republican delegates to a smorgasbord of heavy horderves and an open bar rivaling her election night spread in 2010, when she was bested by Democrat Richard Blumenthal.

The selection of libations two years ago included Johnnie Walker Red Label, Bailey’s and Crown Royal.

McMahon’s hospitality suite is expected to once again feature carving stations, the person said.

McMahon campaign spokeswoman Erin Isaac tells Hearst that there will be no carving stations, however.

“It is truly silly season when we’re talking about catering and room rentals,” Isaac said.

“We have rented a space at the convention in order to accommodate the hundreds of delegates supporting Linda. And, just like other campaigns, we will serve food and beverages.”

The convention fare that will be served up by the McMahon campaign is said to include items like sliders and pizza.

Coincidentally, the Connecticut Convention Center hosted McMahon’s election night bonanza the last time.

Amanda Bergen, a spokeswoman for McMahon rival Christopher Shays, said McMahon’s largess is no surprise.

“She’s back,” Bergen said, invoking the catchphrase from the movie “Poltergeist.”

Bergen confirmed that the former GOP congressman himself is renting space at the Convention Center, but disputed scuttlebutt that Shays is renting out Crush Lounge in Hartford for his own soiree.

“We are not renting out a night club. We are not renting out a restaurant,” Bergen said. “There will be food and drink and the rest of the details are being worked out.”

Red meat Republicans might find McMahon’s chow line more palatable, however.

“We’re not having carving stations,” Bergen said.

Neil Vigdor