Troopers’ union endorses Donovan w/ staffing bill in limbo

The General Assembly before adjourning Wednesday failed to take action on Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy’s bill eliminating a state police staffing minimum.

However lawmakers said the measure will likely be revived and wrapped into a bill the legislature must pass in the coming weeks implementing the revised state budget.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Malloy’s proposal now that the State Police Union has endorsed House Speaker Chris Donovan’s, D-Meriden run for U.S. Congress.

If Malloy – who has not endorsed Donovan – gets his way, the General Assembly will eliminate a requirement the state maintain a force of at least 1,248 troopers and the administration can sidestep a legal battle with the union over that minimum.

The troopers, in their statement endorsing Donovan, emphasized the candidate “understands the importance of sufficient State Police staffing.”

I asked Donovan today where he stands on the 1,248 rule. Keep it or eliminate it?

He said he has been allowing the various parties to try and work out their issues.

“I really haven’t had a discussion about it,” Donovan said.

Brian Lockhart