Maverick & Goose?

Then-Congressman Christopher Shays, left, and Arizona Sen. John McCain, right, look out to the crowd during a 2004 town hall meeting at the Saugatuck Elementary School in Westport.

Can you hook a brother up, John McCain?

The “maverick” Senator from Arizona and 2008 Republican nominee for president appears willing to do just that for former Congressman Christopher Shays.

McCain will grace Shays with his presence at a $500 per person fundraiser for the Senate hopeful June 5 in Washington, D.C., according to Shays’ campaign website.

The two self-proclaimed centrists go way back, with Shays and McMahon embracing a similar agenda rooted in campaign finance reform in Congress.

The irony is that Shays might still be in Congress if Barack Obama didn’t blitzkrieg McCain in Shays’ home city of Bridgeport four years ago.

PAC donations are also being accepted at the upcoming event, with the suggested contribution set at $1,000.

The two-hour reception will be held on the rooftop of the American Trucking Association, which is located at 430 First St., SE.

Shays himself has vowed to keep on trucking toward the Aug. 14 Republican primary, win or lose at the state GOP convention this Friday.

The invitation to the Beltway reunion for Shays lists Missouri Republican Sen. Roy Blunt as the other “special guest.”

You might recall that Shays has said publicly that he would have opposed a controversial amendment introduced by Blunt in the Senate that would have given not just religious organizations, but all employers the ability to opt out of paying for contraception as part of their health care plans.

Shays’ opponent in the GOP nominating race, Linda McMahon, has publicly expressed her support for the failed amendment, albeit somewhat tepidly.

As for Shays, he probably ought to stay away from the following as a campaign slogan:

Neil Vigdor