Shays “in,” McMahon “out” for GOP National Convention

Linda McMahon doesn’t do Busch Gardens.

The favorite to win the Aug. 14 GOP Senate primary is sending her regrets to Mitt Romney’s campaign, which invited McMahon to be a delegate at the Republican National Convention later that month in Tampa.


Not to be too presumptuous, but McMahon expects to have bigger fish to fry — and we’re not talking Florida grouper.

Team Linda confirmed that McMahon will forgo the conservative confab, which is scheduled for Aug. 27-30, to stick to the campaign trail in Connecticut.

“Linda will be showing her support for Governor Romney here at home in Connecticut that week by laying the groundwork for a win against Chris Murphy in November,” said Erin Isaac, a spokeswoman for McMahon.

In contrast, former Congressman Christopher Shays, who McMahon bested 2-to-1 during an endorsement session at the Connecticut GOP Convention May 18, accepted the invitation.

Shays will be one of 25 delegates from Connecticut, according to a roster released Tuesday by the state GOP.

State GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. says he can see the merits to both attending and skipping the convention.

On one hand, Labriola said the convention provides ample opportunities for a candidate to get national exposure.

At the same time, Labriola said putting forth the effort to meet with voters on the home-front is never a bad decision.

Neil Vigdor