Linda’s other fortune

Linda McMahon and the word “fortune” go hand-in-hand.

But fortune teller?

The rival campaign of Christopher Shays took a swipe Wednesday at McMahon flack Erin Isaac for comments she made to Hearst Connecticut Newspapers about the state of the GOP Senate race one day earlier, characterizing them as highly presumptuous.

“Primary voters have made their preference very clear,” Isaac told Hearst Tuesday. ” Connecticut Republicans are rallying around Linda’s plan to create jobs and turn our economy around so we can defeat Chris Murphy in November. Linda is building a coalition of like-minded Republicans, Democrats and Independents who want to send the professional politicians home so we can restore fiscal sanity in Washington.”

The GOP primary is Aug. 14.

“Not a single primary vote has been cast,” said Amanda Bergen, a spokeswoman for Shays. “Erin Isaac needs to be reminded that a poll is not a vote. Unless she can add fortune telling to her talents, we should wait for the voters to make their preference clear.”

Isaac had no comment.

McMahon leads Shays by 29 points, according to the most recent Quinnipiac University poll of registered Republicans, who also endorsed the wrestling mogul by a 2-to-1 margin at the state party convention in May.

Up until the most recent Q-poll, it was the Shays campaign that was embracing public opinion figures, which showed the former congressman in a dead heat with Murphy for the general election.

When Isaac made her statements to Hearst Tuesday, she was responding to Shays’ barbs that McMahon is about as qualified to be a senator as Hugh Hefner and that her negatives would kill her in the general election.

Neil Vigdor