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Yo, Adrian?


Christopher Shays needs an Ivan Drago moment.

The Senate campaign of the ex-GOP congressman is invoking Rocky Balboa in its latest appeal to GOP primary voters.

You heard that correctly, “Rocky.”

No, you won’t see Shays flipping over tires or running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The architects of Shays’ comeback attempt grabbed the training montage from “Rocky” and uploaded it to YouTube, adding its own subtitles in the process.

Shays is relying heavily on YouTube to get his message out to the GOP base before the Aug. 14 primary against party endorsee Linda McMahon.

His campaign finally came up with the cash for its first regular television ad last week.

The video tries to make the case that Shays is best positioned to give Republicans their first U.S. Senate victory in Connecticut in 30 years, presenting the former 21-year incumbent as a proven vote-getter who has defied pollsters and other odds to win 18 elections.

Can politics imitate art? And will there be a sequel?

Shays hopes so.

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Neil Vigdor

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  1. Janice Harrison says:

    This is funny! God I hope Shays wins. We really need him!