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Ten winners and ten losers at the Republican convention

The speeches are over. The road blocks are dismantled. The delegates are heading out of town. As the debris of the week that was is swept away, let’s savor some of the high points and low points of

All work and no play

TREASURE ISLAND, Fla. — Oh, the things political reporters put up with to get the story. It’s a wrap from the Republican National Convention here in the Tampa area, where I can assure our loyal

Parting shots

TAMPA, Fla. — Could Connecticut be the unlikeliest of battleground states this November? The confetti from last night’s GOP finale isn’t even cleaned up, but the state’s top Republican is seeking to

Hits and misses from GOP convention day 3

1. The Speech. It was a very well-constructed acceptance pitch, outlining a vision and a philosophy, if not a lot of substance. It built beautifully from anecdote to assertion to action, and accomplished the mission of giving Americans an alternative that has been lacking from the anti-Obama tirades this week.

Analysis: In acceptance speech, Romney reaches out to political center

Mitt Romney capped off a Republican National Convention dominated by hard-core conservatives by reaching out to the small sliver of swing voters in the center of the electorate. Eschewing much of the

Ragin Cajun

TAMPA, Fla. — CBS and CNN. They’re easy to mix up. OK, not really. Scene: James Carville, the “ragin Cajun” Democratic political strategist and yin to Republican Mary Matalin’s yang, mistakenly

Like father, like son

TAMPA, Fla. — Chris Healy has been collecting political pins since he was 11, including this little piece of history from George Romney’s failed 1968 presidential campaign pinned to the lapel of

Ten best Republican presidential acceptance speeches

Mitt Romney has a lot to live up to tonight. For one thing, his wife Ann’s speech to the Republican National Convention on Tuesday won rave reviews from nonpartisan political analysts. And then

RNC mystery guest is outed (Hint: It’s Clint)

Why wouldn’t it be Clint? You can’t pick a pop-culture figure who would move the needle any farther into the euphoria zone at this gathering than the indomitable Mr. Eastwood.

McMahon up with new TV ad against Murphy in U.S. Senate showdown. Murphy discounts the charges as typical GOP attacks against Dems

Here’s US Rep Chris Murphy’s rebuttal of the latest TV ad placed by Republican Linda McMahon: “Linda McMahon’s new attack ad is nothing more than a laundry list of tired, debunked Republican talking