State Republicans challenge SOTS on order of candidates on the November ballot

The Connecticut Republican Party is challenging the action of Democratic Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, filing a complaint in state Superior Court over the way that candidates’ names will be placed on the November ballots.

GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola recently claimed that since Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley received more votes than Dannel Malloy on the Democratic line two years ago, Republicans should have the advantage this fall. (It was the Working Family Party’s 26,308 votes that put Malloy over the top)

“Unfortunately, the Secretary’s unfounded and apparently partisan-driven position leaves us no choice but to seek redress in the courts,” said Jerry Labriola, party chairman. “We believe the Secretary of the State’s interpretation is wrong and it would be unfair to Connecticut voters to allow these elections to proceed unlawfully,” he said.
 “The Republican Party line for governor garnered more votes than any other party line in 2010. Under Connecticut law, Republican candidates for state and federal office deserve the top-line designation on this year’s ballot. The Republican Party has earned that,” added Senate Minority Leader John McKinney,R-Fairfield.
“While going to court is never a first option, we strongly feel that this is our Party’s only recourse. The 2012 election is of critical importance to both our state and our country and Republican candidates running for office ought not be placed at a disadvantage by an inaccurate reading of a statute by a Democrat official. It is my hope that the court sees, as we do, that the law calls for the Republican Party to be on the top line.” added House Republican Leader Lawrence F. Cafero, Jr.